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About Our Famous Online Courses for Dogs, Cats & Horses

The Nash Academy offers you the best of the best when it comes to onsite training. You have the opportunity to attend a local salon or travel across the globe to complete your practical skills training.

In 2004, the Nash Academy revolutionized the pet care profession by presenting its first series of online courses, so that our students seeking to become pet care professionals could study the material, the theory portion of the program, before attending their onsite training, and enter the hands-on portion of their training with a thorough, comprehensive background in dog knowledge.

Creating the online courses also solved the issue of our traditional type training by offering the theory or lecture material online so our students taking the traditional type training could receive the same very important information, eliminating the problems of absent students missing critical lectures and the issues of trying to make up those lectures.

"The online courses in the “Man’s Best Friend” series creates the foundation required for anyone working with dogs. The series include the history of the dog, the AKC breeds, variations within the breeds, anatomy, care, feeding, vaccination, temperament and behavior, first aid and much more, making our students, first and foremost, dog experts.

For our students entering the art of bathing, grooming and styling dogs, the next online course series, The Salon, Grooming, and Styling for Man's Best Friend, presents the theory behind bathing, grooming and styling, plus important information about products, tools, equipment, and overall salon policies and procedures. The courses are all about how to accomplish a specific grooming task, the reason why you follow specific policies and procedures and when you should complete or start a procedure.

Our students also learn the professional terminology and vocabulary needed to master this theory by referencing the Groomers Reference.com and the Canine Reference.com, thus creating a standardization of terminology designed to reduce the confusion long known in our industry over such terms as “feathering” and “furnishings,” or a “kennel trim” and a “sporting trim,” for example.

Setting a Standard
The Nash System of online courses fully prepares our students for the hands-on portion of their training or gives instant access to our students who are participating in the traditional type training with a complete vocabulary of professional terminology and a thorough grasp of the theory of bathing, grooming and styling.

When our students complete the online before attending the practical, they stand by their grooming table with a dog, already familiar with the necessary tools, equipment, safety gear and overall salon procedures. They are not starting from square one. They are prepared to become excellent bathers, groomers and stylists, and no one knows that any better than a Nash graduate.

When traditional students begin their onsite and take the online training during their practical skills, the information is at their fingertips with a click of a mouse and encourages our students to study the important information to move forward with the hands on training with ease.

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