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Career Opportunities Working with Dogs

UPDATE: Incuded in Diploma Program: Nash Academy will be offering bather, groomer and stylist certification by coat types and a series of safety certifications to prepare Nash Students for State Licensing! The first grooming school to offer all aspects of safety certification to make our graduates specialists in safety at all times working with man's best friend.

Working With Man's Best Friend - The Most Important Job in the World - Just Ask a Groomer
Wouldn't it be great to go to work every day in a profession where your work is your passion? The wonderful news is that you can, through education at one of the most innovative pet grooming schools in existence, the Nash Academy! There is a job out there for everybody who loves working with dogs. You just have to find the type of job, in the pet care profession, that best suits you. Then, find the best Nash Avenue to success, and receive the education necessary to begin your new and exciting career in the wonderful world of taking care of man's best friend. The Nash Academy would like to help you explore the many interesting career opportunities available today working with man's best friend. Career opportunities are rapidly growing, as Americans have more pets than ever before, and more disposable income to spend on their pets. Entering the wonderful world of pet care professionals through pet grooming school gives a pet lover, wanting to work with dogs every day, the opportunity of a lifetime!

The Beginning of the Dog Bathing, Grooming & Styling Profession
Since its beginning in the 1500's, dog grooming and styling has been an intricate and beautiful art form. The business of professional dog grooming in a salon, however, has been practiced only since the 1930's in this country and since the 1890's in England. In terms of a viable means of business, the grooming profession is very young and is truly in its formative years. The student mastering in the art of dog grooming and styling is entering a profession that is expanding at a tremendous rate and offers endless opportunities unavailable just a few short years ago. And the way to learn this profession is at the pet grooming school of the present and the future, the Nash Academy.

Dog Bathing, Grooming & Styling Today
Today, there are many professionally designed, elaborate salons that offer spa-type treatments and atmosphere. More kennel and veterinarian establishments are offering grooming services than ever before. Mobile grooming vans have reached the ultimate in design and function and are taking the grooming and styling service right to the pet family. The care of Man's Best Friend today has reached a higher standard, making it an ideal profession for the dog lover. Professionals trained by elite pet grooming schools have the opportunity to exhibit their creativity by "free styling" a mixed breed or creating the perfect profile on a pure bred dog. Professional dog groomers and stylists enjoy going to work every day because their job is to take care of Man's Best Friend in a way that expresses both their love for the dog and their artistic love of the dog's beauty. Pet grooming schools today are training the award-winning dog groomers and stylists of tomorrow, and the Nash Academy is at the forefront of this trend.

Is Dog Grooming For Me? Believe it or not, Dog Bathing, Grooming and Styling is a Contact Sport!
This is not to say that you must be a trained athlete in top physical condition to be a pet groomer. The fact is, though, that this is a very physical profession, demanding a certain amount of strength, balance, dexterity, hand to eye coordination, speed and accuracy of movement, good peripheral vision, and excellent reflexes with which to react to any situation in a typical salon. If this sounds like a shopping list for an athlete--a tennis player, for example, or basketball player--well, the pet grooming profession really isn't all that different, except for the fact that the "athlete" works with dogs on a daily basis, and has a deep, abiding love and respect for these animals. The requisite physical skills make it possible for the pet care professional to carry out his or her profession with compassion and ease, making the bathing, grooming and styling experience a pleasant one for each and every dog.

Time to Get Physical
Think about what types of activities the successful pet groomer must take part in every day in a typical salon. Lifting dogs into and out of kennels, and onto and off of grooming tables and bathing stations takes strength. Can you make a living only grooming small dogs? The answer is yes, only if you are in an area that supports this exclusivity and go to homes of the pet families rather than a salon. However, for the average professional working in a salon, especially super stores, the need to work on all size of dogs is a necessity. So if you plan on opening an all breed dog grooming salon and plan on performing most of the bathing, grooming and styling yourself, or until your business builds enough to hire another professional, you need the strength to safely lift the larger dogs that will come into your salon, and remember, this is not simply like lifting weights--this is lifting 50 pounds of wriggling, licking, pawing happiness or nervousness.

Technical Skills Require Precision
The professional pet groomer must also be able to utilize his or her manual dexterity to great effect, whether you are working on a small or a large pet--being able to carry out different types of actions with each hand is a real plus, as you will find yourself in situations where you must hold or restrain a dog or cat with one hand, and brush, clipper or scissor with the other. The precision and coordination necessary to carry out the more intricate grooming jobs, utilizing a scissors, clippers, and various combs, brushes, and other implements, necessitates the skill of a surgeon together with the soft touch of a great basketball shooter.

Get Ready, Get Set and Go
The salon is also a place of constant action, and the professional must be aware at all times--so the peripheral vision of a first rate tennis player, with the kind of court vision that enables him or her to return any ball, is necessary. This is a combination of the physical and the mental--awareness means utilizing your vision and your concentration in equal degrees. Your safety, and the safety of your fellow groomers and the pets you are working on, will depend upon your ability to be aware of both your surroundings, and what is going on right in front of you.

So...do you enjoy a challenge? Do you enjoy utilizing both your physical skills and your mental skills, together, to be the best that you can be? If your answer is yes, and if you love dogs and long to work with them on a daily basis, becoming a professional pet groomer may be for you!

Dog Related Career Opportunities Available in the Wonderful World of Working with Man's Best Friend

As a professional bather, your daily responsibilities will include bathing, brushing and drying dogs and preparing them for grooming and styling. You will also be trimming the nails, cleaning the ears and brushing the teeth. You can continue your education and move on to being a professional groomer or to a stylist position or a salon manager. In this career path, bathers are typically employed by salons, veterinary offices, and boarding kennels.

As a professional groomer, you will not only bathe, brush and dry the dogs; you will also create beautiful trims on the different breeds. You can continue your education and move on to a professional stylist position or a salon manager. In this career path, you can work in various professional settings such as mobile vans, salons, veterinary offices, and boarding kennels just to name a few.

As a professional stylist, you will not only bathe, brush, dry and trim the many different breeds encountered in a salon, you will actually style the dog. You will be able to create beautiful profiles and intriguing expressions. You can continue your education and move on to a salon manager position, open your own salon, operate your own mobile grooming van or explore the exciting career of a professional handler, showing different breeds in the conformation ring or judging grooming competitions.

If you've worked in dog grooming and styling salons, perhaps you desire to move into a managerial position, and help turn a middle-of-the-road salon into a salon which is a rousing success. If you have ideas as to how to improve the professional image and professional skills in an existing salon, managing may be right for you. Utilize all of your skills as a groomer or stylist, plus your people skills, to make a salon more successful.

Whether your salon is mobile or stationary, the opportunity to be self-employed, and create your own salon, is a thrilling endeavor. Design the salon of your dreams, and make it a reality. Owning your own salon allows you to exercise your expertise as a dog groomer, and to let your creativity run wild. As a career path, the sky's the limit for a salon owner: only your imagination limits your possibilities.

Related Professions Working with Canines

As a kennel hand or assistant in a kennel, your job responsibilities will be watering, feeding, training and exercising the dogs along with cleaning the indoor and outdoor runs. Often times this position will also require light grooming such as bathing, brushing and drying. Many kennels offer professional grooming and styling, so this position affords you the opportunity to see if you enjoy that part of the profession. After having the experience of working in a kennel, the opportunity to move up to a kennel manager position is very possible or continue your education and move into a position as a professional groomer and stylist.

As a kennel manager your primary responsibilities are to handle the business side of the kennel and oversee the daily kennel operations. As a kennel manager, you may also interact with clients who bring their dogs in for boarding or if it is a breeding kennel, you may assist or oversee the sale of puppies.

As the owner of a boarding kennel, you will be able to design your own kennel, to your own specifications, making sure that the comfort level and happiness of all dogs boarded at your kennel are maintained. The materials that the kennel building and areas are built out of are up to you, and the layout as well: you can be as creative as you want.

Working in a doggie day care center is an exciting and fun way to earn a living. Pet owners who work all day and want their pets to have daily canine and human socialization turn to the day care centers for this type of service. Day care centers are one of the newest trends in the industry, offering fun and exciting ways for dogs to interact with each other and get the necessary exercise to keep them healthy, both physically and mentally.

As a professional trainer, your responsibilities will be a wide array of training programs. You may have clients that need assistance in housebreaking their dogs or need only basic obedience training. You may decide to enter the world of training police dogs, search and rescue dogs or seeing eye dogs. As a trainer, the need for continued education will be necessary to keep up with the latest training methods and equipment. Many dog trainers are self employed; however, there are job opportunities in kennels and salons that offer training.

As a dog walker, you will develop a clientele, usually in the bigger cities, that want their dogs exercised daily. Understanding temperament and behavior is a must for this type position because you will be walking more than one dog at a time. Normally, dog walkers are self-employed or may have a group of employees working for them. Some dog walkers move on to a position as a groomer or stylist.

As a professional breeder, operating a breeding kennel can be a full time job or it can be a very fulfilling hobby for the individual who enjoys the challenge of breeding to create the most perfect dog. Operating a large breeding kennel requires grooming and styling knowledge to maintain healthy skin and coats on all the dogs. The responsibilities of a breeder are very broad and typically include taking care of your dogs, establishing a breeding program that will produce quality breeds, and dealing with people who are interested in purchasing your puppies.

As an assistant to a professional handler, your responsibilities typically include taking care of man's best friend at the dog shows. You will have to keep track of the show rings to know when and where each dog should be. You will also be responsible for preparing the dogs for the ring by grooming and styling them. Many professional handlers start out as an assistant, and move on as a professional handler after they receive the experience. As an assistant, you can continue your education by studying and knowing the many breed standards.

As a professional handler, you will travel the "show circuit," presenting beautifully groomed and styled dogs in the conformation ring. You will be responsible for training and exercising the dogs and usually start out grooming and styling your own dogs for the ring, and as you build your clientele you can hire another stylist to help you prepare the dogs for the ring. As a professional handler, the art of grooming and styling definitely comes into play. You will have to study and understand the individual breed standards, and you will have to continue your education to stay updated on the latest trends in the conformation ring. Professional handlers are typically self-employed.

The Sky is the Limit with Excellent Training and When You Put Your Heart In It!