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Christina Cheak

Director of Salon Operations
Director Of Admissions
Director of Nash Approved Sites
Director of P.E.T Program
IJA Event Planner

Christina's love for Nash Academy began in 2010, when she already had 5 years of experience working in the pet industry. Christina has an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Sullivan University and her work experience spans the hospitality industry, marketing and of course the wonderful world of working with pets.

Her commitment to Nash Academy students and her understanding of the importance of a formal education to work safely and effectively with animals ensures aspiring students get the information they need about our programs.

Despite an allergy to some coat types and breeds, her love for animals and her passion for education is unwavering. “Working at Nash Academy is always exciting, a challenge and you never know what the day will bring," says Christina

Christina’s organizational skills play an integral role at Nash Academy, not just for students, but for pet salon clients and our valued P.E.T sponsors. When Christina is not working with the admissions and enrollment team, she ensures inventory levels for the products, equipment and tools reflect the needs of the school and salon and provides our sponsors and partners with surveys and feedback. Christina is the primary contact for existing and interested PET sponsors at christina@nashgroomingschool.com

In 2017, Christina expanded her role and transitioned to assisting with the IJA dog grooming competitions, hosted by show promoter Nash Academy. She will be the event planner for the fall shows in 2017 and the IJA Championship Training Workshops and State Competitions in the USA.

Christina’s multitasking skills at work extend to her home life as well. As the proud mother of a 10 year old, son she understands how to effectively manage education, family, work and play, and brings these skills to the Nash Academy..

In her spare time, Christina is active in her local church, serving in the Kids Ministry along with community outreach projects.