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Client Relations Job Responsibilities and Procedures

The Client Relations position at Nash is focused on interaction with the customer - on the phone, in person. Think of it as Customer Service plus a little Sales! We also assign the responsibility for the cleanliness and safety of the outside area and the reception area to the Client Relations staff member.

The Client Relations online course materials are designed to prepare a student for the on-site, client relations course following the grooming training at Nash Academy.
  • Create and maintain client and pet records, keeping all information up to date at all times.
  • Build clientele using various programs approved by the salon.
  • Pre-book clients.
  • Sell add on services.
  • Sell products and tools.
  • Maintain safety in the reception area.
  • Maintain green space outside of salon.
  • Create and maintain a clean, organized and inviting environment for the pet and pet families.
  • Conduct client tours.
  • Understanding why clients get upset with services.
  • How to win back clients who leave for various reasons..