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Denika Cluett

Director of International Marketing - Nash - IJA - UCCS
Certified Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor
Denika became a part of the Nash Academy team in her quest to work in the pet industry.
Her inspiration came from her dog, Mandi, whom she felt brought out the best in her, helped her to be better person and she loved taking care of every day, a feeling that only a pet owner can experience.

After losing Mandi on October 22, 2012, Denika decided to follow her passion and lifelong dream to have a career that would allow her put her education and work experience to great use, while still allowing her time to do what she enjoys most; showing love and affection to animals. To say that Denika loves dogs would be an understatement; she adores them.

It was after much soul searching and research into the pet industry and training academies within North America that she decided to travel from Canada and began training to be a Professional Dog and Cat Groomer with Nash Academy; the leader in the industry in pet care education. The history of the academy, their reputation that was built on love and compassion for animals and their high standards for excellence was exactly what she was looking for and reflective of her standards for excellence.

Denika is a Nash Graduate and a Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor, and Nash Online Instructor, living back in Canada, and she spends her days working as a marketing consultant for companies in the USA and Canada, and her evenings and weekends are dedicated to man's best friend, grooming and boarding dogs in Mandiland.
Denika was also the Event Planner for The International Judges Association for Dog Grooming (IJA) from 2013 – 2016 and successfully developed a dog grooming competition concept that assists sheltered animals in the USA with finding forever homes and provides an arena for competition groomers of all levels to compete in competitions and have equal opportunities to win and showcase their talent. - IJA Rescue Me - All for the Love Of Dogs

Since November 2013, Denika has planned more than 10 dog grooming competitions in the USA as well as traveled to India to plan and host the first dog grooming competition for IJA in 2014.

Denika's creative flair, her enjoyment in creating trusting client relationships, extensive project management skills and her belief that “When You Believe It, You Achieve It" all prove that with passion anything is possible. "Every experience in life has a purpose with a lesson to be learned and knowledge to be acquired, for a greater goal" - Denika

Denika is applying her 22 years of senior business management experience and education in Marketing, Client Relations, Sales, People Management and Project Management to great use in an industry that is truly all about unconditional love and compassion. Her experience in customer service, automobile insurance, banking, collections and publishing industries were stepping stones to her future!