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Grooming Man's Best Friend

Do You Want the Best Grooming Foundation from the Industry Experts?
All of the technical grooming skills that every professional dog bather, groomer and stylist needs to know will be described and explained in the course. Topics such as prepping, bathing, drying, carding, handstripping, thinning, clippering, scissoring and dematting will be covered, including the proper procedures for the safety of the pet and the professional when applying these technical skills will be discussed. If you are interested in becoming a professional bather, groomer or stylist or if you are currently a pet care professional needing continued education or advanced training in the art of bathing and grooming by coat type, this course is for you!

If you desire to become a professional dog groomer, you will learn:
  • What types of equipment must you choose from for grooming?
  • How do the various designs and types of care and maintenance affect your choices?
  • How do you choose grooming products to use on the various coat types, for different results?
  • What is the basic preparation you must learn to carry out for all types of grooming?
  • What specialized care of the ears, eyes, nose and feet must be carried out during the grooming process?
  • What does every groomer need to know about bathing?
  • What does every groomer need to know about drying?
  • Why is brushing the ultimate grooming technique?
  • What is carding, and when is it utilized?
  • What is hand stripping, and when is it utilized?
  • What is clippering, and when is it utilized?
  • What does every groomer need to know about scissoring, so that every dog may be fully beautified and fulfill breed standards?