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Industry Licensing & Certifications

UPDATE: Nash Academy will be offering bather, groomer and stylist certification by coat types and a series of safety certifications to prepare Nash Students for State Licensing!

Set Standards Today for a Better Tomorrow
There is a movement in many states to require licensing for dog and cat groomers. The Nash Academy supports industry type certifications and believes it would further validate our profession and what we stand for.

Makes a Safer Place For Pets and Professionals
"We saw the need for an online system with study material and a testing system that would be available to everyone to prepare our industry for licensing. Our system is designed to handle the task. The system has outstanding tracking abilities and is the most organized system in the industry which makes if perfect for schools to use as a base. We are inviting all dog and cat grooming schools to partner with us to use the Nash System of Education and set standards today to make it a safer place for the pets and the professional tomorrow". says Vivian Nash.

Online Classes with Virtual Books
In 2000 Nash Academy introduced the first online course system with virtual books, discussions and a method to test students on the study material making history in the pet care industry. The Nash Online Education System is the most sophisticated in the industry today, and is used by dog bathers, groomers and stylists as well as salons, schools and pet care organizations worldwide to teach the art of bathing, grooming and styling with safety for the pet and the professionals as a priority.

Open 24/7
The online study material is in a virtual book format and is easy to keep updated, open 24/7 and available to everyone. After completing each course, the participants keep the study material in a virtual book format to have as a reference and to start their own virtual library.

Pet Care Professional Certificate
The online virtual book content is based on the original curriculum developed for the Nash Academy of Animal Arts by John Nash in 1979, when he realized the need to do more than teach how to bath, groom and style dogs, he realized he needed to create pet care professionals as well.

Certification for Dog & Cat Bathers, Groomers & Stylists
The Nash Academy believes in a system of certification to test professionals on their knowledge of safety, sanitation, organization and maintenance policies and procedures required in a pet salon to keep both the pet and the professional safe as well as a system to evaluate professionals for their pure breed knowledge and technical skills. The Nash Academy also believes that the training must start at the school level and schools must work together to set the standards necessary to train beginners with excellent safety habits in the salon.

Partnering with Universal Canine Certification System
The Nash Academy, the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions have partnered with the Universal Canine Certification System to offer certification for all aspects in the pet care industry. All students attending Nash Academy will have the opportunity to be certified through the Universal Canine Certification System.

Nash Pet Salon the Onsite Practical Skills Location
The Nash Pet Salon, the onsite practical skills location for the Nash Academy in Lexington Kentucky will hosts onsite certifications and workshops for the Universal Canine Certification System and International Judges Association. To find out more about IJA Certifications and dates of certifications hosted by the Nash Academy go to IJAonline.com.