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Kathleen Catone

Certified Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor
Nash Approved Pet Grooming School - New Jersey
Kathleen graduated from Nash Academy in 1981. She is the Grooming Manager at the Dog Spa Academy and has been a Nash Approved Practical Skills Instructor since 2011.

While Kateleen took a break from pet grooming, to focus on her family and other career interests, she knew that one day her love and passion for dogs would bring her back into the industry.

In 2003 Kathleen returned to her profession, as a pet groomer, with even bigger goals and aspirations to do more for dogs and to give back to others.

In 2007 she decided that she would work side by side with another Nash Academy graduate, Stacey Herbert, helping to make dogs look and feel great and safe during their grooming experiences.

In 2011, Kathleen was ready to take the next step in a career she loves and in December of that year Kathleen successfully graduated from Nash Academy’s Practical Skills Instructor program. Now she spends her days teaching other aspiring pet groomers the Nash Way and helping them achieve their goals as they earn their diplomas in pet grooming.

Kathleen still loves to groom dogs and sets a great example for her students as she practices what she teaches, and does it with pride and confidence.

Kathleen was born in New Jersey and currently lives in Closter, NJ. She has been married for 28 years and is the proud mother of two daughters, ages 20 and 18. Her home life is complete with her rescue Dachshund mix Max and her cat April.