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Marketing 101

Marketing is designed to catch the public's attention, and bring customers to your Salon! Whether relying on word of mouth, building an attractive website, or running a promotion, marketing makes sure customers know who you are and understand how valuable your services are!

The components of this course are:

Advertising -where, why and invest wisely

Direct Selling - you do things everyday that can pay

Sales Promotions - what works for your business

Public Relations and Publicity - how to be your biggest cheerleader

Optimizing the Web - websites and social media

Sponsorship - who you support helps market you to new audiences

Guerilla Marketing - fun, low cost ways to get attention

Affiliations and Assocations - meeting new contacts and building networks

Marketing Communications Materials "Mar Comm" - business cards, logos, slogans and more!

Online discussions and weekly course assignments are practical application exercises for your business and will help you:

· Establish Mission Statements that define your business

· Define Business Models – using the 4 P's

· Create Business Slogan and Branding Messages

· Design Promotional Campaigns and Event Calendars for “YOUR” Business

· Develop the Marketing strategy that is right for YOU

Presenting Your Online Instructor for This Course

Denika Cluett - Nash Academy Graduate and Practical Skills Instructor and Director of Marketing for Nash Academy and IJA. Denika brings 25 years of senior management experience in a wide range of industry sectors, including Retail, Client Services, Finance, Insurance, Marketing Services, Banking and Collections. Plus she has 5 years of post secondary education and 3 College Diploma in Business Marketing.

It is Denika's passion and compassion for animals combine with her successful business experience that will assist you with tailoring your salon's marketing plan to meet your client's needs.

Click here to visit her linked in profile and read her recommendations from past clients and employers.

Quote: “ I would love to teach marketing and business courses to pet professionals, but anyone can do that, I want to ensure their experience with Nash Academy is a great one and as they complete the courses, they are able to implement the work they have done into their business right away” – Denika Cluett

Since becoming involved with Nash Academy in August 2014, Denika has heightened Nash Academy and IJA (International Judges Association) branding around the world. She truly believes in the vision and principles and adds her flair and creativity to company marketing efforts. Some examples include:

Nash Academy

· Making Dreams Happen, One Student At A Time

· Be All You Can Be, At Nash Academy

· Stop Dreaming and Start Achieving


· Go All The Way With IJA

· The Sky Is The Limit, When You Put Your Heart In It – All For the Love of Dogs

· We Love Dogs and We “Show” It

· What We Offer Makes Us Unique; It’s Our Members That Make Us Special

· Never Stop Believing, and Keep On Achieving

· No Dog Left Behind

· Expert to New, Our Events Are For You

· RESCUE ME, take me in your arms, dog grooming competitions

That is the Instructor for Marketing 101 in action, and she can assist you to do same thing for your business.

Email us or call toll free at 1-888-419-2064 to enroll in the Febrary 17th, 2015