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Nash Academy Internship Program

Join Our Internship Team to Be the Best of the Best
Nash Academy offers many opportunities for graduates to participate in continuing education via internship programs. Positions are available through the Nash Academy at the Nash Pet Salon Onsite Practical Skills Location.

Practical Skills Instructor Internship Program (Unpaid)
30 - 60 - 90 - 120 Days - Total of 4 Months
*Interns do not pay for housing if out of state during internship program.

Practical Skills Instructor Internship Program (Paid)
30 - 60 - 90 - 120 Days - Total of 4 Months
*Interns pay for housing if out of state during internship program.

Continued Education
Interns continue with their education and take the online courses and complete the onsite training for the following job positions in the salon during their internships.
  1. Salon Safety Manager (30 Days)
  2. Salon Manager (30 Days)
  3. Salon Client Relations (30 Days)
  4. Teaching Practical Skills (30 Days)

Certificate of Completion
Graduates who participate in the Internship Program, will receive a certificate of completion from the Nash Academy.

First Step
Students interested in participating in the internship program must request a copy of the internship agreement to review before submitting an application with your essay to be accepted to participate in the Practical Skills Instructor Internship Programs.

To be eligible for the Practical Skills Internship Instructor Program, the student must have completed the Nash Academy Dog Grooming and Styling Diploma Program with a grade point average of 92.0 GPA or higher.

Start Date
Students who are accepted must enter the internship program immediately after graduation or within 30 days of graduation from the Nash Dog Diploma Program. (Time frame to start may be extended due to holidays.)

Request to Participate
Students interested in applying for the Practical Skills Instructor Internship Program must submit a written request to participate 30 days before graduation to be considered.

Reasons Why
Students must submit a 250 word essay, with the request, why they feel they could benefit from the internship experience.

Making Dreams Come True One Student at a Time
Students must explain how they can contribute during their internship to Making Dreams Happen One Student at a Time.

Internship request must be approved by the Director of Client Relations, Director of Practical Skills, and the Director of the School.

Notification to Student
Students will receive a letter of approval 2 weeks before graduation.

Can I start an unpaid internship program and move to a paid internship program when a position is available? Yes

Can I continue on an internship program to achieve the levels required to be a Certified Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor. Yes