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Numbers 101 Mini Course

Get ready to master the Numbers you will need to open your own Salon! The Numbers 101 mini course introduces students to the decisions you will make in starting your business:

1. What are the products and services you plan to offer

2. How will you price and promote your business so customers buy from you?

3. What will be your basic staffing plan? How many people will you have?

4. Based on the operation you describe, how much will your sales be, and what will your expenses be? When will you be profitable?

Students will work with online spreadsheets built for them, and once per week will join the instructor and class "live" to work the Numbers hands on!

Gain the confidence you need and plan your new business!

Presenting Your Online Instructor for This Course

Colleen Canale, our online instructor and small business specialist at Nash, is a graduate of the University of Illinois and has an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the University of Chicago. She is also the Business Manager at a startup company in Lexington, KY responsible for accounting, customer service and technology. In addition, she is an Instructor at Midway College for both in person and online Business courses. Because she has a day to day working knowledge of accounting, marketing, human resources, and the experience in working with students to ensure their success, she is a wonderful addition to the NASH Academy team and perfect for teaching this course.

Colleen spent a full year interviewing Nash graduates who have successfully opened their own business, graduates who want to open their own business and current students attending Nash Academy to create a text book and course thatanswers student questions and concerns. Don’t just “hope” a seminar will give you the unique information you need. Take a specialized course for pet grooming salon owners from someone well educated in the art and science of running a successful business. Colleen will personally help you master the material, and give you confidence to start out on your own!