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Our Mission and Philosophy

Be All That You Can Be
The Nash Academy was born out of a desire to create, in the dog grooming school industry and in education for the care of companion animals, a high level of expertise and proficiency among pet care professionals, matched by an equally high level of compassion, kindness and safety for every pet groomed and animal cared for. For the Nash Family, there is no other standard possible in the animal care professions. Because of this, the Nash Academy dedicates itself to the advancement of each student at the school in terms of expertise and love of the dog, cat and horse, and to the concept that each and every Nash graduate perform in the most compassionate, professional and skillful manner possible.

The Sky is the Limit at Nash
Because the Nash Family believes in the aesthetics of dog grooming and styling as well, students are encouraged to explore both their individual creativity and expression in the classroom. It is a Nash belief that creativity, coupled with a love and passion for this profession and for the dog, are the key elements needed for a successful educational experience and for the future of the dog grooming and styling professions. Cat and horse grooming and care afford students the same opportunities for creativity and self-expression, and the Nash Academy encourages all its students to express their love of animals utilizing the knowledge they obtain in the courses.

Global Approach to Training
The Nash Academy practices a global approach to learning, as love of the dog, cat and horse, and appreciation for the beauty of the dog, cat, and horse, are not limited to any city, country or continent: they are truly international, and transcend all boundaries and politics. As the Nash Academy expands its unique educational approach to the care and grooming of all companion animals, the same criteria, of kindness, compassion, safety and artistic expression will define the learning possibilities afforded to every student.

Nash System of Education
Revised consistently over the years, the Nash Curriculum is at the cutting edge of Dog Bathing, Grooming & Styling Education. Originally written in 1979 by the late John Nash, the Nash Curriculum was structured with the flexibility to implement innovative systems and methods to provide the most advanced, in depth training for all levels of interest and skill in the pet care profession. And, with the introduction of the revolutionary online courses, the Nash Academy has altered forever the methods of training for employment in the pet care professions!

The Nash System continues to develop taking the 40 years experience to create the most effective safety for the pet and the professionals in the salon training program to prepare the Nash System Team, Nash Students and Nash Graduates for industry licensing.

The Nash Team, first to offer online and onsite combination diploma programs for training professional bathers, groomers and stylists since 2000, have the experience of evaluating the progress of students progress taking online and onsite classes together and at a different time.

Team Leader Vivian Nash and daughter Tanya Slater along with the Nash Team are excited to announce a new platform in 2019 to place the Nash System of Education to make it available around the world.

The Universal Canine Certification System utilizes the Nash System of Education. The International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions utilizes the Nash System of Education for competition classes, rules, policies and procedures to keep the pet and the professionals safe.
All courses and classes onsite and online can be credited if you attend Nash Academy or a Nash Approved Training Site or School. If you compete in an IJA Dog Grooming Competition you can receive credit toward your trim styles and earn a diploma.

Nash Academy Hong Kong Celebrating 1 Year April 1, 2019
Nash Academy Indonesia Celebrating a Grand Opening in 2019 - Dates to be announced.

Pet Care Licensing for Bathers, Groomers and Stylists
Licensing and Certifications for Salons
Certifications for Salon Team in Safety, Sanitation, Organization and Maintenance

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