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About Online Courses for Dogs

Theory Based Online Courses with Virtual Books to Set Standards in the Education of Professional Bathers, Groomers and Stylists

"The online courses in the “Man’s Best Friend” series creates the foundation required for anyone working with dogs. The series include the history of the dog, the AKC breeds, variations within the breeds, anatomy, care, feeding, vaccination, temperament and behavior, first aid and much more, making our students, first and foremost, dog experts.

For our students entering the art of bathing, grooming and styling dogs, the next online course series, Salon, Grooming, and Styling for Man's Best Friend, presents the theory behind bathing, grooming and styling, plus important information about products, tools, equipment, and overall salon policies and procedures. The courses are all about how to accomplish a specific grooming task, the reason why you follow specific policies and procedures and when you should complete or start a procedure.

Our students also learn the professional terminology and vocabulary needed to master this theory by referencing the Groomers Reference.com and the Canine Reference.com, thus creating a standardization of terminology designed to reduce the confusion long known in our industry over such terms as “feathering” and “furnishings,” or a “kennel trim” and a “sporting trim,” for example.

All virtual books about the canine in the Nash System link to or reference the Nash Canine Reference.com to create consistency and to give you a place to research information about man's best friend. The information is organized, correct and up to date and nominated for Barkleigh Honors in 2011 as one of the best educational websites in the industry.

Our online bathing, grooming and styling courses use the Nash Groomers Reference.com to show you how to bathe, groom and style dogs by coat type. When you bathe, groom and style dogs by coat type, you use the same products and tools so it is easy to learn how to bathe, groom and style all pure breeds.

If you learn how to bathe, groom and style dogs by coat type, you know how to create beautiful expressions and profiles on all mixed breeds, including the designer dogs.

The Groomers Reference creates consistency in the workplace as well as in the school because everyone uses the same terminology.

Our reference is the first online bathing, grooming and styling book in the industry and is used by bathers, groomers, stylists, salons and schools worldwide.