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PET Training Program - Products - Equipment - Tools


Everyone Wins When The Training Begins!

Investing in our Nash Academy PET Program is investing in future business with Nash Staff, Students and Graduates. We all know the power of first impressions which is why being a member of the Nash Academy PET Program works great for companies in the pet care business.

Products - Equipment - Tools

Nash Academy has changed the world of education when it comes to products, equipment, and tool knowledge with our PET Program. Companies furnish products, equipment, and tools to the Nash Pet Salon in Lexington, KY, the practical skills training site for the Nash Academy. Students are introduced to your products, equipment and tools right from the start and they develop a loyalty to your brand. In fact, many students make their biggest purchases during their training to create their ultimate bathing, grooming and styling kit.
Your Branding Continues when Our Training Ends
Many of our graduates open their own businesses or go to work in existing salons. We know our graduates who open their own salons purchase products, equipment, and tools they used in school. Graduates who go to work for salons educate the salon team about the products, equipment, and tools they used at school.

National Exposure in a Big Way

Nash is the gathering area for many types of practical skills training and your products, equipment and tools are there for our students to use! Experienced bathers, groomers and stylists attend to test out and receive the Nash Diploma. Nash Approved Training Sites send their stylists to attend to participate in the Nash Certified Practical Skills Instructor Program and IJA Competitors attend to achieve training to qualify for their state or international competition team.

International Meeting Place for Pet Care Professionals

School owners, competitors and grooming organization groups meet at Nash from around the world to share knowledge and expertise and many participate in international exchange programs for students and staff. Make sure your company is well represented.



Students use and then choose what type of shampoo or finishing spray works best on what coat type.
Students understand first hand the differences between stabilizers, conditioners, and finishing sprays.
Students understand the importance of how to read labels and mix products properly.
Students feel, touch and see the difference using various types of products on all coat types


Students have the opportunity to use a variety of equipment and choose what they believe performs the best and is safest for the pets.
First hand knowledge on comparing the power of high velocity dryers.
Understand importance of controlling air flow for safety and performance.
Know what type of dryer works best on pets with special needs, especially puppies and senior pets.
Able to experience and compare standard, hydraulic and electric tables.


Students learn all about the different tools, safety, sanitation and the importance of routine maintenance.
Opportunity to use a variety of clippers for hands on knowledge of what works best for specific applications and various coat type.
Understand the difference in finishing blades, ceramic blades, and show blades.
Use and approve the top of the line scissors to understand design, weight, material, size and function.
Apply different stripping knives, combs, and rakes to understand the technique and the results.
Use different brush styles to discover which one works best for length and type of coat.


We make it easy for you. Companies commit to a full year. Products, Equipment, and Tools are sent on a schedule.

Products are sent quarterly to make sure students have enough time to use to see results and to give an accurate evaluation.

Equipment, such as dryers and tables, is sent every 12 months.
At the end of 12 months equipment is sold off and funds used for Nash and Nash Students to attend IJA Sanctioned Pet Expo Events.
At the end of a specific time frame, equipment is returned to be evaluated by the company for overall durability.
Equipment is sold at 50% discount and money received sent to company.

Tools such as clippers and blades are sent every 6 months. Tools that are not in good working condition are sold and funds used for Nash and Nash Students to attend IJA Sanctioned Pet Expo Events.

Grad Congratulation Gift

Congratulate grads at the right time and the right place to make that final and lasting impression and commitment to your brand because you showed you cared. Give them a graduation gift and welcome them to their new career in the wonderful world of taking care of man’s best friend. Grad packets can be shipped along with your products, tools and equipment shipment and we take care of the rest to make sure to impress.


PLATINUM PET MEMBER - Annual Contribution $10,000.00

GOLD PET MEMBER - Annual Contribution $7,000.00

SILVER PET MEMBER - Annual Contribution $5,000.00

BRONZE PET MEMBER - Annual Contribution $3,000.00

BRASS PET MEMBER - Annual Contribution $1,000.00


Surveys to Tell You What We Like Best and What We Suggest - Win Win For Everyone

Students, staff, seminar attendees and other pet care professionals who participate in practical skills training, complete evaluations on products, equipment and tools they use. The Nash PET Program sends quarterly evaluations on products, equipment, and tools to the companies who participate in the program.

Type of Survey

Surveys can be customized by the sponsor and sent to Nash.
Surveys can be created by Nash Academy.

Method to Receive Evaluation

Companies can send hard copy for students and staff to complete.
Surveys can be sent to sponsors via email.
Surveys can be conducted on skype calls with students and staff.

Your Logo Shows On Our Emails

If you commit to Nash, we will commit to you by posting your company logo on Nash Academy and Nash Pet Salon emails.

Website Promo

PET Members receive maximum exposure on the Nash Academy and Nash Pet Salon website.


We are the best when it comes to promoting our PET Members on Facebook. We take photos of our clients, students and staff and we always make sure your Products, Equipment, and Tools are in the picture.


Nash Collection of Products - Equipment - Tools online store can sell and promote your company.

Students Purchase Products, Equipment, and Tools

We promote and encourage our students and staff to purchase from our PET Companies.
When You Support Nash PET - We Support You!

Nash Academy would like to say Thank You to our 2018 Sponsors

Bio Groom, established in 1971 by Claus Pohl, is internationally known for exceptional pet care products. All products are designed to specifically address the needs and coat conditions of animals. Bio Groom continues to grow by expanding their line of pet care products designed specifically for the canine and the feline.  Thank you Biogroom for being part of the PET Program!

Teri Payne Jones founded Espree in 1989 with a desire to combine her passion for animals with her experience in manufacturing natural, Aloe Vera based products. She launched Espree with 5 products, primarily formulated for pet professionals. Espree products quickly became a groomer favorite! Now with over 75 products for dogs, cats and horses. Espree's popularity continues to grow along with the desire of both pet owners and professionals seeking natural and organic products that solve their pet's issues safely and effectively. Thank you Espree for being part of the PET Program!

Simplify your scheduling, amplify your marketing and accelerate your profitability. Get started with the 123Pet grooming management solution for free right now and see how it can power your business. Thank you 123 Pet Software for being part of the PET Program!

On the cutting edge since 1919 with the invention of the first electric hair clipper, Wahl is known for their superior customer service that has never changed over the years, despite their growth and expansion in the market. Wahl is proud of their reputation of excellence as well as a remarkable list of ground-breaking innovations for the present and future for the global market. Thank you Wahl for being part of the PET Program!

Buttercut Shears, the first company to create high end scissors for the groomers and who continues to strive to be the best when it comes to quality. Each pair of Geib scissors are finished by hand, inspected by a Master Craftsman and tested before being sold. For one of the largest supplies of scissors, shears, thinners, blades and clippers in the industry, visit Buttercut Shears. Thank you Geib for being part of the PET Program!

Proud to provide dog anxiety relief one hoodie at a time. Originally designed to help dogs get soothing and immediate relief from dryers during grooming but these soft expandable fantastic products has proven to be effective to relieve anxiety and calm dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks and nail clipping. Thank you Happy Hoodie for being part of the PET Program!