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Salon Safety Manager Job Responsibilites and Procedures

The Salon Safety Manager is responsible for following the rules and procedures to maximize the safety of pets, staff, and customers in the Salon. By carefully following specific procedures, and by understanding how emergencies are handled, the Salon Safety Manager contributes to the success of the Salon.

The Salon Safety Manager online course materials are designed to prepare students for the on-site course and is available as an add-on following the grooming training at Nash Academy.

Here is what the Salon Safety Manager is responsible for:
  • Ensuring compliance with general rules
  • Requiring that all tools are inspected and the tool list is complete at each station
  • Reviewing and qualifiying new tools
  • Inspecting for safety checks in each area of the salon
  • Following production and training staff on dilution procedures
  • Conducting practice emergency drills
  • Training staff on OSHA principles (including product labeling) and location of OSHA materials