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Test Out Online Course Option

    Perfect for the Experienced Professional

    Online virtual text books with online test systems are open 24/7 and you can access from anywhere. Read the Online Virtual Book - Take the Tests. That Simple! Sign Up Now For The Test Out!The Nash System Presents
    More About Nash System Test Out Courses
    Individual bathers, groomers and stylists with experience use the virtual textbooks to study and test out of required courses to receive credit for their previous experience and earn certificates and diplomas from the Nash Academy.

    Salons, day care facilities, boarding kennels, and pet care super stores use the Nash Test Out option to train and test employees.

    The test out system is utilized by the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions as part of their educational training and certification of pet care professionals.

    Grooming schools and other pet related associations around the world utilize the Nash System of Pet Care Education.
    Test Out Online Course Features
    Study Time
    Study anywhere.... anytime! You have 4 weeks to study the course material in the online virtual text book and complete the 4 unit multiple choice tests. That simple! No introduction, discussion, search & fetch or study questions. Read & Test Only
    Start Time
    Test Out Online Courses Start Every 4 Weeks (Monthly)
    Finish Time
    Test Out Online Courses Finish Every 4 Weeks (Monthly)
    Introductions are not included in a test out course.
    Discussions are not included in a test out course.
    Search & Fetch
    Search & Fetch is not included in a test out course.
    Study Questions
    Study Questions are not included in a test out course.
    Multiple Choice Tests
    You are required to take multiple choice tests to determine your understanding of the material and to receive credit and your grade for the course. Unit Test are included in the test out course. You are required to take the unit tests.
    Online Instructor
    Online instructor support is not included with this method.
    How Does it Work?
    The Test Out Program is simplicity itself--you read the lessons and take the test--period. For students with prior experience or knowledge, this is ideal because it offers you a way to obtain certification without engaging in the course options that require more participation. You will be notified via email with your password to enter your Test Out Course the week before class start.
    Time to Start Class
    Test Out Courses open on Tuesday morning at 8AM Eastern Time and closes 28 days (4 weeks) later at midnight Eastern Time.
    Time for Class Introductions
    Introductions- Not included with the Test Out option
    Time to Study
    Study Anywhere... Anytime!
    Time to Discuss
    Discussions- Not included with the Test Out option
    Time to Search & Fetch
    Search & Fetch- Not included with the Test Out option
    Time for Study Questions
    Study Questions- Not included with the Test Out option
    Time to Take Unit Test
    Unit tests must be taken in the Test Out option
About the Virtual Books and Test Out Courses and Pricing