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Understanding How to Teach Practical Skills

Are you an experienced, talented dog bather, groomer and stylist? Do you enjoy grooming cats? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Have you thought about teaching?

If the answer is yes, join the Nash System and help us teach the pet care professionals of tomorrow! It is fun, exciting and a very rewarding experience.

Understanding How to Teach Practical Skills is a course designed for the experienced professional who wants to take the next step and become a Nash System Certified Instructor. The Nash Education System plus the Nash devotion to safety, ethics, and continuing education, can mold you into an instructor who can impart grooming wisdom to students for decades to come.

You will learn how Nash does it--their international reputation in teaching practical skills is of the highest order--and then carry on that tradition. If you love to teach, and want to help us set standards in education in the grooming industry, this is the course for you.

Explore such important issues in the teaching of practical skills as:
  • What is expected of an Instructor at a Nash System Approved Training Site?
  • What is a Nash System Instructor's Code of Ethics?
  • How does one handle everyday situations with a student?
  • How does an Instructor determine a student's progress?
  • What tools are available to an Instructor?
  • How do you create professionals?
  • How does an Instructor give an accurate progress report?
  • What is the difference between a progress report and a report card?
  • How does an Instructor assign the right pet to the right student?
  • How do you place various trim styles in various levels?
  • What is satisfactory progress?
  • What is unsatisfactory progress?
  • How can an Instructor maintain a safe environment for the pets and the students?

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After completion of the online and onsite courses, you can be an instructor at a Nash Approved Training Site or start your own Nash Approved Training Site or School and be part of the international consortium of pet care professionals utilizing the Nash System of Education to set standards in the pet care industry.