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Professional Dog Grooming Salon Program Online

Whether you work in a dog grooming salon, manage a dog grooming salon, or own a dog grooming salon--or aspire to doing any or all of the three--the Nash Academy's Professional Dog Grooming Salon Program Online is for you. This innovative program is offered on three levels--for groomers, managers and owners--and each level contains the celebrated and innovative Nash expertise, the amalgamation of decades of experience in the dog grooming salon profession. Whether you seek to improve your own ability to work in the professional salon environment, seek to manage a professional grooming salon or already do so, or own a salon or aspire to owning one, this Online Program will enable you to improve the functioning of an existing salon or get involved in the design and opening of a new one.

All the elements of a Professional Dog Grooming Salon are discussed, from location to work flow, from the most basic elements necessary (such as kennels and the layout of a kennel room) to the most up to the minute, state-of-the-art equipment (the latest in grooming tables and bathing stations), to make your salon hugely successful and profitable. As well, the renowned Nash methods of kindness, compassion and safety for both the pets and the salon professionals are taught, so that pet families may leave their precious pets at your salon, knowing they will be as well cared for there as they are at home. Trust is the basic element necessary for the functioning and success of any Professional Dog Grooming Salon; allow the Nash Academy online to fill you in on building the kind of trust that will assure you of a loyal clientele and good word of mouth for your salon business.
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